Junior boys volleyball felled by Pinetree

Freddy Fan / Staff reporter

The junior boys volleyball team was competed in Pinetree at 4 pm in Tuesday afternoon for the Playoffs, and lost. However they will be a playoff participant. 

Before this game, the junior boy’s volleyball team already played 6 games, 4 wins and 2 lost. The game on Tuesday was the last one game that decided which teams would participate in the playoffs.  

Sharif Ye, the attacker on the team said, “We want to go to the competition on behalf of the campus to compete with the strong players on different campuses.” Ye added, “I don’t think it will be very difficult in next game, but See who the opponent is, if it was the last time we lost to us” 

Sharif was very confident, this came from the fixed two hour training every Thursday. Training happened once a week, with additional training every week. Training included warm up, skill training and practical training, which trained the members of the senior boy’s volleyball team.

The team also had weaknesses.“We are still learning how to block, in previous match, others team was very good at smash.” Sharif said, “Our teams biggest problem is [members are] undisciplined, some people are not in the game and training, it is occur [not] frequently.”

The volleyball team was practicing for smash and serving, and Ye guaranteed that the game must achieve zero turnovers. 

The coach, David Sailsbury-Rowswell, who participated in 2014, Sailsbury, who has 5 years of teaching experience, let the Geneagle boys volleyball have a very professional libero and wing spiker which made the team stronger.

Even though the team lost the game, the team’s effort clearly showed through their regular practices and teamwork.