Junior boy’s basketball look ahead at new season

Zoe Gao & Wendy Yang / Staff reporters

The Junior boys’ basketball held practice on October 25. The team was founded when Gleneagle secondary school opened, giving grade 9 and 10 students an opportunity to play basketball, there are 12 members in the Junior boys’ basketball team.

Roberto Arciaga, the cafeteria chef, has been coaching the team for two years. For now, they will practice twice each week. When the season starts, they will practice more than twice. The practice began with a 25-minute warm-up. Players did various exercises including shuffle jacks, walking lunges, squats, and high kicks. After the warm-up, they worked on ball-handling, shooting, and defensive and offensive plays.

Sharif Hebrahim, grade 10 team member, said he plays because it is both his hobby and dream. “Basketball brings me happiness and enhances [my] physical fitness, also endurance,” said Hebrahim.

Hebrahim’s favorite basketball player is LeBron James of Los Angeles Lakers. “Because James lets me realize that leadership is very important in teamwork,” commented Hebrahim.

“I hope this year our team can get better ranking, the team members can do teamwork better,” said Allen Li, grade 10 team member.

Last year the boys played all other Coquitlam secondary schools yet only won one game, but according to coach Arciaga, they were all very close to winning the games, “in every match they tried their best to get the honor for the school,” said Arciaga.

“When I went to watch the game last year, it was very exciting. When they scored, I cheered and clapped. This year I hope Junior boys’ basketball team can play in provincial, and I also hope that they can develop bonds throughout the matches,” said anonymous, a student from grade 10.

The coach also expressed his high hope for the players.

“At the beginning [of last year’s season], some of the members didn’t know how to play basketball, but we got better as the year went. I think we will do better this year,” said Arciaga.