Gleneagle e-sport club played aggressively and won 2-0 against Centennial Secondary in League of Legend.

On October 18, a match between Gleneagle and Centennial e-sport club drew the attention of League of Legend fans. The match was a best of three set.

Gleneagle took the first game in twenty minutes ended with huge advantages; the second game lasted two minutes longer due to a decision-making mistake by the Gleneagle e-sport club.

For the Gleneagle e-sport club, this victory means a lot. “We are going to play every school once in a round robin tournament, so every game is really important because it’s good to determine our seat in going into the play off,” stated Daniel Beley, teacher sponsor.

As a new group at Gleneagle, the e-sports club provides an environment in which team members can grow both as a player and as a person. “I started this club because of my own passion, also because I wanted provide other people with the benefits that e-sport brings,” said Sina Allen, the student sponsor of the e-sport club, clenching his fist, “and my expectation is obviously working toward winning.”

However, to achieve such expectations requires strong leadership as well as contribution from every member, and there are many difficulties hindering the team’s progress.

The biggest problem is members’ participation: no team can succeed with the majority of members lagging behind. Therefore, motivation becomes the key. “I have to motivate them to work hard and participate in the game,” said Allen.

Organizing events requires great effort too. “There are difficulties with the organization of the game and communication between teachers, and as a leader, I have to make sure that every player is present,” stated Allen.

For some team members, communication appears to be a noticeable drawback. Bailin Chen, a member playing League of Legend in e-sport club, suggested that some team members are not native speaker and therefore weakening the team collaboration.

Despite these obstacles, Gleneagle’s e-sport club managed to win their match against Centennial secondary, demonstrating its outstanding adaptability and determination. “I saw a large improvement in terms of their team work and cooperation from the first week where we lost two games to zero against Port Moody secondary; this week they seem to be talking much better [and] they played in a less frantic way, and they seem overall making fewer and fewer mistakes,” Beley said.

The market of electronic games, along with that of other technology, is skyrocketing recently, becoming a popular and lucrative industry. “I am really happy that Gleneagle now participates with the rest of the high schools in the district,” said Beley, “and I would love to see this becomes a larger school event, rather than couple of classrooms in the school.”