Lauren Tuck / Staff reporter

The Edge, Gleneagle’s student newspaper is returning this year after a yearlong absence. Previously when there were not enough members to work on the Edge, the team had created a miniature version of the Edge known as the Cutting Edge which still gave necessary information, but on a smaller scale and without covering every topic. 

Now with a brand-new new media program, more students in multiple classes are working on the newspaper, meaning they can bring back the full-sized version of the Edge, and it will be filled with new information that the community did not get to read about last year. This bigger team of students and teachers will be working hard to make sure the newspaper runs successfully. 

However, there is a slight change now; the team has been working on putting the Edge online as well. There is a website that the team has been working on to make it easily accessible for students and teachers to read the Edge digitally whenever and wherever they would like. 

Different stories tend to impact others in different ways and provide a variety of interests for students. Abagail Staff, a Grade 10 and new media student, stated “I’m glad that the Edge is back, I like to read about the voices of students in new media classes.” She also mentioned that the students in new media write articles for the Edge using a certain style, which helps express the voice of students through their writing. Interviewing, photography, and production of stories are all techniques used in the process of creating the Edge

The Edge is a very thorough and detailed newspaper, but there is always room for improvement in the process. The Edge focuses on informative topics frequently,” Emma Palmiere, grade 10, said. “however, I want to see the Edge use [more] engaging stories that grab [more] attention.” When creating the Edge, information that is current and remains interesting for the beginning of an article, so that the readers are engaged when reading. Stories that do not speak to a student’s voice can appear unimportant or less impactful in any newspaper, though it can vary depending on the human interest that is given.  

Ava Zidar, Grade 10, said “I would like to see more topics [than last year], such as student events, occurring and stories mentioning students are impactful to the audience.” In the Edge, the team always tries to write the most relevant news stories to inform students of what is current while including events that are of interest to most students at Gleneagle. 

From these students giving the team their thoughts about the Edge, it gives an understanding of what they think of when they read and analyze it. The new media courses are allowing the information from the Edge to be free to all students of all ages in the school, contributing writing skills and unique journalistic styles.