Liz Jung & Minjin Oh / Staff reporters

At November 2 provincials, there were 220 students running for 5 km seniors girl’s race and the top 25 received recognition at the awards ceremony. Ella Kalnins, grade 9 placed 24 and received recognition. 

Emily Zhang, grade 12 placed 107, Ruby Charney, grade 9 placed 164 and Lucy Robinson, grade 12 placed 167. As a team, senior girls’ team place 14 out of 21 teams.

Ethan Yang, grade 12 was the only boy runner from Gleneagle and he place 132 out of 260 senior boy’s runners. 

“Gleneagle’s cross country team was very successful at the Zone Championships” held on October 24 said Katherine Chung, science teacher and one of the team coaches. 

“This year’s junior girls’ cross-country team was very strong,” said Chung and one of the runners held the lead for over half the race. All four who ran qualified for the provincials as a team, but they also individually qualified for the provincials which will be held on Saturday, November 2.

Yang, ran in the senior boy’s race qualified for provincials. Other senior boys still ran well placing in the top ten according to coach Lori Gregory, peer tutor and CLE teacher, and Chung who were happy with their results.

The major difference cross country running has from track and field is that the runners run longer than the running you would do for the track; the terrain is also different as they have to run on trails for the majority of races.

Each year, there are 15 to 25 people on the team, while the team has had only 6 runners. Chung said that since there are no tryouts anyone who wishes to join is welcomed to the team. Yet since the season starts in the first week of September, students often miss out to sign up for the team. 

Cross-country team is sometimes short of the junior runners since many grades 9 students hesitate to join the team.

For People planning on joining the cross-country team next year, Gregory suggests that they “should just start running and if running for 10 consecutive minutes is too much for you try running for nine minutes and walking for one” 

Also, since the season starts very early, those who wish to join should check Talon Talk and stay alert for sign-ups. 

By joining the cross-country team, Chung thinks that you can earn the confidence and you feel good. Since you are training regularly and also trying to beat your own time, there is a big accomplishment they feel as their record time get shorter.