Abby Chow & Abigail Lim / Staff reporters

With the class of 2020 coming close to graduation, Kirstin Austman, Gleneagle’s post-secondary and career advisor, is helping Gleneagle seniors prepare for post-secondary applications and career path decisions.

An important part of her job is evaluating students’ interest and abilities, finding their strengths in the classroom and helping them seek various opportunities outside of school for personal growth.

In preparation for what students want to pursue after high school, Austman combines students’ skills with potential career paths. Moreover, she provides students with valuable resources regarding the steps they should take to obtain a specific career path.

Senior students who are looking for additional support in the process of pursuing their future endeavours can specifically approach Austman for post-secondary needs that are specific to them as an individual, such as funding for tuition.

Austman’s favourite part of her job is “talking with students and learning about what they love, what their interest are, what they’re good at and value,” because “those are the important things that are considered when thinking about the future,” added Austman

Two students in Gleneagle’s class of 2020, Jasmine Choi and Jay Hamidova shared how they prepared for post-secondary with the help of Austman.

Both Choi and Hamidova applied for scholarships from the Loran Scholars Foundation, a national charitable organization. This will greatly benefit their post-secondary funding.

They both said that Austman helped them significantly with filling in their applications. This included going through the applications in detail and spending time completing them to its best. “That goes to show how much she genuinely cares about the student population here,” said Hamidova.

She then added, “I was a grade 11 asking her questions about post-secondary, and she was so open to helping and it’s not just about where you want to go, but also where you are right now, and she really supports you on that as well.”

In addition, Choi stated, “She was always there rooting along for me…she is an amazing coach, as [she has plenty of] information, she’s also your best cheerleader.”

Austman can help students gather all that information and come up with a plan to achieve their goals. However, it is the student’s responsibility to take the initiative to go to Austman for help.

Students can find Austman in her office next to room 116. Her office hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

For students who are interested in available support from Austman, they are encouraged to visit her page on, or through the Career centre channel on the My School Day App.

Further information about trades and apprenticeships are posted on the bulletin board outside the counselling area.