Hailey Kuang & Ilian Mandev / Staff reporters

Fred Flintstone, Pennywise and George, and Canadians won Gleneagle student council’s annual Halloween fashion show last Thursday in the MPR.

The show consisted of three categories: singles, pairs, and groups. For singles and pairs, the prizes were $5 Starbucks gift cards and for the group, the prize was a pizza lunch.

Out of roughly 100 students, Jayden Caisley, grade 11, placed first in the singles category dressed as Fred Flintstone. Caisley said, “[I] wanted to go with something that wasn’t going to be too expensive, but that was gonna be fun and enjoyable [to wear].” Caisley mentioned, like many others, that he impulsively joined because he wanted to be part of a school event with his friends.

Placing first in the pairs category were Annika Coxe and James McVey, grade 10, dressed as Pennywise and Georgie from Stephen King’s ‘It’. Their reason for joining was because McVey did not dress up the previous year and was persuaded to get a costume and enter in the contest by Coxe.

Lastly in the group category, Lucy Robinson, Morgan Roebotham & Riley Mccartney, grade 12s, placed first dressed as stereotypical Canadians. Robinson explained, “We decided to dress as Canadians because…we wanted to have a fun group costume for our senior year.”

Roberto Ramogida, Brittany Galliford, Kathryn Welsh and Bill Morphett, teachers at Gleneagle, judged the contest. Galliford expressed joy in seeing all the homemade Halloween costumes.

Students had fun getting to show their peers the hard work going into their costumes, evident by the cheers coming from the audience each time a student walked on.

At the show, students came up with clever costumes including the Joker, Gaston, SpongeBob, and a hotdog.

Elaine Xiao, a grade 11 and student council executive, said all participants received a one-dollar coupon for Wonderland Yogurt, a dessert shop near 7-Eleven.

Xiao concluded by saying the Halloween Fashion Show went successfully and got many students into the Halloween spirit.