Talons in-depth night showcases projects

The culmination of a five-month long project to develop new skills in the TALONS program will take place on the evening of Monday, May 27 in Gleneagle’s MPR.

The project, known as In-Depth, is an integral part of TALONS. After choosing a skill, which can range from cooking to making chain-mail armour, students work with a highly trained community mentor of their chosen field.

On In-Depth night, students showcase their hard work through performances and learning centres.

Izabela Fabbro, grade 9, will have a booth where she will give advice on how to find the right shoes and properly train for long distance runs. Grace Kim and Caitlin Owens, both grade 10 TALONS students, chose to investigate forensic science and plan to create a mock crime scene for the event.

“We’ve gone to lectures at SFU concerning forensic science and etymology,” said Kim. “We’ve learned that there’s a lot of misconceptions surrounding forensic science as portrayed in TV shows, whereas these SFU lecturers actually work in police cases, and the process is really different in real life.”

While learning a new skill is interesting, it requires motivation as well.
“When my treadmill was broken, and the ground was covered in snow and ice, I had to find ways to adapt, such as finding different times of day to run,” said Fabbro.