Wednesday marked the opening of the SD43 Art Show that will run until May 27. The art show brings together four schools in the district to celebrate and display student art at Coquitlam Centre.

“I organized the show this year, and students from each of the schools volunteer to act as security for the art display during all hours that the mall is open for the duration of the exhibition,” explained Robyn Croft, art teacher.

“I feel so lucky and excited to display my art [and] I’m so lucky to be part of a community so dedicated to the arts,” commented Phia Guan, grade 11.

“The Coquitlam show is excellent exposure for art students and is a chance to be in an art show,” added Guan

“Having my art shown in a place where diverse people go really puts limits on what student artists display,” noted Adrienne Desiderio, grade 12. “I just feel hesitant, not about the pieces, but if anyone would understand what’s happening in the art and relate to it.”

This year, Gleneagle has six display boards for studio art, graphics, and photography classes, as well as one scholarship board.

“I choose students who show excellence in Art Careers for the Scholarship board. It is very hard to choose, but we can only fit three. They choose up to 6 of their artworks to exhibit and compete for scholarships,” commented Croft.

The scholarships and awards are given by a panel of art specialists and retired art teachers in the district.

Dilveen Abi, grade 12, won the University Women’s Club Scholarship, while Weijin Ross, grade 12, won the Coquitlam Centre Emerging Artist Award.

“Visitors can expect to see impressive artwork in many 2-D mediums from across the district,” said Croft. “It is exciting to see what is happening in the art departments not only at Gleneagle but from other schools.”

All of the display boards are spread out on the mall’s second level with Gleneagle’s main boards in front of L’Occitane.

“I’m proud of these [displayed] pieces because they represent an exploration of mediums, emotions, and ideas that I’m still learning about,” concluded Guan. “I believe these pieces show my growth as an artist.”