Gleneagle boasts a strong theatre program and, as a result, many students have proven their dedication towards acting. Over the past two weeks, the drama classes have presented their first showcases of the semester.

There were four plays: three put on between two Drama 9 & 10 classes, and a separate show, selected by the students in Drama 11. The junior plays were: The Audition, Typecast, and The Super Non-Heroes. The senior play was Romeo You Idiot.

Directed by Justin Maller, drama and musical theatre teacher, students across all grades came together to perform their plays that included a variety of subject matters.

All four plays showcased were comedic in nature, especially the senior play based on Romeo and Juliet.

“[Romeo You Idiot] is set in modern times and it makes fun of the premise of the play,” said Asher Swartzberg, grade 11 actor.

“We all just generally decided that [Romeo You Idiot] would be the more fun one to do [out of all the choices]. […] Our class liked the comedy better,” said Tori Kazemir, grade 11, who played the lead role of Juliet.
“I find it more fun to do comedies just because it’s always fun to make the audience laugh,” added Kazemir.

Meanwhile, The Audition was a story about the audition process for actors, and Typecast was about the mixing up of roles in a play directed by the coach.

“[Typecast] has a lot of improv at points, so we’ve been working well together based off of character.” said Sarah Fong, grade 10, actor.
Super Non-Heroes gives a better look at the super hero obsession in pop culture.

“[Super Non-Heroes was about] a bunch of students who are in a high school for superheroes, but they all don’t know how to use their powers,” explained Maller.

Maller described both the Super Non-Heroes and Romeo You Idiot as absurd comedies.

“We wanted to do stuff that was funny, and things that sort of just address the stretches of playing relatable characters,” added Maller.

The plays have allowed the students to build a sense of community within the theatre.

“[Drama class] gives you a different context. You’re in with your peers, […] you really get to know the people in your class a lot better,” concluded Kazemir.

The next drama showcases will be in June.