Colourful displays of blooming flowers decorate students and the school building for Floral Friday, the last day of spirit week before spring break.

Monday saw students from all grades covered in their grade colours, followed by Tourist Tuesday. Students then paired styles with friends to celebrate twin day on Wednesday, and Thursday was designed to celebrate fashion from the past.

Spirit week is a classic, yet simple way to promote school spirit by setting a common goal for students, therefore creating a common bond between all members of Gleneagle’s community.

This particular spirit week not only plans to bring relaxation to students for one of the busiest weeks, but is also a great chance for students to show off their energy.

“Many students are excited leading up to the break,” said Renee Boldut, grade 12 and student council member. “We wanted to give them the opportunity to show their school spirit.”

“We did a great job putting things together, but we could have used more advertising to celebrate it more,” commented Shelly Zhou, grade 11 and student council member.

“We are determined to [help] every student enjoy this week, and that requires a proper introduction of our school culture to students, [regardless] of their background,” added Zhou.

St. Patrick’s Day is also two days away, which inspired a special event of this spirit week: a scavenger hunt. On Monday, 21 bags of chocolate gold coins were scattered in various nooks around the school. The first students to find them got to keep them. An additional 21 bags of chocolate were added on Thursday for extra fun.

“All you have to do is look for chocolates in the hallways or stairwells,” cheered Jobina Sitoh, grade 12, student council member. “Enjoy whatever chocolate you can find.”