Musicians set for Cuba tomorrow

From March 16 to 24, a total of 85 Gleneagle students and staff will travel to Havana, Cuba.

The spring break trip will include visiting Cuban students, performing at a fine arts school, and exploring the city.

“The key activities will be performances at the National School of the Arts, visiting the middle school in Matanzas, […] going to the open market in Havana, and sightseeing in old Havana,” said Edward Trovato, music teacher and trip organizer.

“We have been excited about the trip since grade 9,” said James Liggins, grade 12. “Now that it’s [one day] away, we’re ready to go.”
“The best part of the trip, for me, is seeing it through the eyes of the students,” commented Trovato.

“The interaction between the Cuban students and the Canadian students, although [the Cuban students] may not speak English and many of our students don’t speak Spanish, is through a common language, which is music,” added Trovato.

“I am really excited to bring Tre Lå to Cuba,” said Liggins, about the choral piece he will be conducting. “I think it will be a lot more fun performing in Cuba because we will be out in the world and will have the opportunity to sing in different areas, instead of just the MPR.”

The music department is also bringing approximately $15 000 worth of donations to Cuba during their trip, including instruments, music equipment, and medical and dental supplies.

“It will be interesting to experience a different type of life […] and to be able to appreciate what we have, especially when interacting with the fine arts school,” concluded Liggins. “They don’t have access to all of the funds and instruments that we do, and it will be cool to share with them.”