Metfest actors leave Emotional Baggage on stage

From November 29 to December 1, a select group of Gleneagle students participated in the district-wide drama festival, MetFest.
Despite not moving forward to provincials, Gleneagle’s performance of Emotional Baggage was well-received by the audience of fellow actors and enthusiasts at the Heritage Woods-hosted event.

“MetFest is a district festival that is put on by the drama teachers and prepared by nine schools,” said Justin Maller, drama teacher and MetFest director. “We each prepare a play to be presented in front of a group audience so that we can all share what we’re doing in our schools.”

Gleneagle performed Emotional Baggage, the story of strangers who meet in a train station, each dealing with their own struggles in life. The story was made even more complex in that actors used no dialogue.

“Having no lines was like a blessing and curse,” said Madison McConnachie, grade 12 and assistant director. “[The cast] didn’t need to worry about projecting [their] voices or messing up words, but needed to be aware of what was happening around.”

“There was more emphasis on using the body, facial expressions, and breathing to convey emotions,” said Ki-Seon Peck, grade 11. “We had to work on showing, not telling.”

Although Terry Fox’s Rabbit Hole will be moving forward to the provincial festival in spring, Gleneagle MetFest participants were proud of their performance.

“I think the cast felt very satisfied with how well they performed and how other people felt about their work,” said Maller. “I think it was rewarding and emotionally building.”

“Overall, I think that with the nerves and excitement, we did our best performance, and I am so proud of how much my cast and I accomplished in a short five and a half weeks,” concluded McConnachie.