Every year, many holidays pass by, and the students of Gleneagle are ready to celebrate with a spirit week and fun activities.

Halloween is a special holiday where Talons go all out. Starting October 29 to November 2, students dressed up as teachers, planned paired costumes with friends, showed off their Halloween style in a fashion show and more. Behind these events, Gleneagle’s student council ensured a great time.
“For banner designing [our] team likes to make use of posters to capture students’ attention and get them involved in the events,” said Michelle Yung, grade 10 and member of student council.
Students outside of student council also made sure to put in effort to show school spirit.

“Spirit week is a great chance for students to relax,” said Tiffany Lam, grade 11.

“It allows everyone to join in on the fun and do things they normally wouldn’t try to do, such as wearing pajamas to school or dressing up as their teachers,” added Lam. “In addition, days like twin day in spirit week give students a chance to have a stronger bond with their schoolmates.”
Along with great events, such as candy tasting and teacher trick or treating, Gleneagle did well showing school spirit.
As students dressed up as their favourite memes, Halloweek ended with an incredible amount of student participation.